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Protecting Your Place Made Simple Using Door Access Control System in Dubai, UAE

Great security starts with the right Access Control System in Dubai, UAE. Various biometric systems are available at Wipaq for the residents and office security. Providing great safety and security is now simple with access control devices from our selection of high-quality security supplies. You are sure to find the right commercial biometric access control system such as fingerprint, face recognition, and RFID/Proximity card from our wide selection of brands like ZK Tech, Imake, Axess TMC and others.Wipaq is also known as the reliable and perfect solutions provider with an extensive collection of time attendance systems, turnstiles, and other security supplies to help meet all your office security needs.

What is Access Control System?

Access control is a security mechanism which is used to protect the office, premises, and resources from the unauthorized people. Access for the particular person is granted with his/her digital identities and restricted or granted access is recorded digitally.

Access control system such as RFID card, fingerprint, retinal scan, hand geometry and face recognition is used to identify the authorized person who is seeking access. This system works by storing the encoded information on a smart card or device containing a chip with built-in memory and encryption processor.

Key Benefits of Wipaq Access Control Solution

Looking for door access control system and labour force management solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi? Your search ends here! Book your "onsite demo" right now! Our sales staff will be at your beck and call to provide you with all information you need to know.

Biometric Access

Enhance your security using the Biometric Device. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

Web-based Access Control

Control the access to your premises using the Web-based access system. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

IP based Identity Management

Use the IP address to secure your premises using IP access systems. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

Elevator Access Control

Control the access to your Elevator using the Elevator access systems. Choose the device from the list given below

EC 10 Access System


Wipaq offers a full range of readers such as proximity, RFID, keypad, barcode and magnetic stripe. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C SCR 100 WI-200 WI-100
F18 Access System F19 Access


Make use of the password to control the access to your perimeter. Choose the device from the list given below.

5399 Keypad WI-100 F18 Access System F19 Access T4C Access

Managed Controllers

Get all the benefits of a control panel/hardware management system without any responsibility and maintenance cost. Choose the controller from the list given below.

C3-100 C3-200 C3-400
InBio-160 One Door Controller InBio-260 Two Door Controller InBio-460 Four Door Controller

Cost Effective Time Attendance System in Dubai To Increase Your Business Productivity

Wipaq is the supplier of wide range of Time Attendance System Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and the Middle East. We provide all types of Time attendance machine from leading manufacturer at market price. Various models are available for corporates, schools, colleges and public agencies across the Middle East. Find the perfect attendance system like card attendance machine, handpunch, biometric fingerprint and face recognition that matches your company requirements. Get the best installation service from our trained technicians who can configure the device using the time attendance software.

What is Time Attendance System?

Time attendance is a device which is used to manage or monitor the attendance and work time of employees. Attendance system manages the paid time of the employee to calculate the overtime payment. Time Attendance System such as biometric fingerprint device, pin, swipe card biometric and hand punch are available at low price.

Our attendance system benefits shops, corporates, hospitals, hotels and individual person to handle their workforce professionally with detailed data and reports. We have more than ten years of experience in offering fingerprint machine for attendance for customers in Dubai, UAE. We offer different types of time tracking systems like fingerprint time attendance machine, keypad, card biometric device, face recognition, RFID/proximity and hand punch system under one single roof.

Time Attendance System integration in a company is a help to the employers, you can observe your workforce performance and records show that it decreases time and tailgating during the working hours. Increases the productivity and professionalism in your work environment using the time clock management.

Our time management systems are highly durable and reliable which is designed specifically to improve the performance of your business with more features like manage paid time and punch in and out records. Call us or use the contact form to enquire more about our access control and attendance system software and be sure to browse our website for more product details.

Our Products

Time Attendance System

Time Attendance

Biometrics Web-Based Time & Desktop solutions for Employees Attendance in Dubai.

  • Fingerprint & Card Readers
  • Attendance Kits
  • Attendance Cards
  • Controllers
Access Control System

Access Control

Biometric Access Control Solutions in Dubai to allow or deny access to a person after an interpretation.

  • Readers & Keypads
  • Access Control Kits
  • Cards & Tokens
  • Controllers
ID Card Printer

ID Card Printer

Buy ID Card Printer from Wipaq in Dubai. We sell Polaroid, Fargo, and Zebra ID Card System at the lowest price.

  • ID Card Printers
  • Printer Consumables
  • Cards & Card Holders
  • Lanyards
Turnstile Gates

Turnstile Gates

Wipaq is involved in bringing forth the clients a whole range of Full Height & Waist High Turnstile Gates in Dubai and the Middle East.

  • Barriers
  • Turnstiles
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