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Leading supplier of Access Control System, Time Attendance System, ID Card Printer in Dubai, UAE Region

Wipaq customized solutions for time attendance system and access control system in Dubai has helped its clients to solve the security challenges effectively without any issues. Access control systems and time attendance systems in Dubai are the main solutions offered by Wipaq. Today's organization requirement is to bring about an efficient method to manage the attendance of its employees using time attendance system. Human resources to manage attendance and payroll tasks are reduced by using the automated time attendance system.

Wipaq with its one decade experience and remarkable track record is now set to offer latest biometric time attendance system, access control system, and ID card system in Dubai, UAE region. Wipaq offers a world-class solution to everyone that fits all of their requirements with the help of global leaders in security equipment. If you are searching for biometric time attendance and access control system and don't find what you are looking for, please call us at +971 4 2666524 or chat online with one of our experts.

What is Access Control System

Access Control is a system or device used to strengthen the organization, institutes, companies and industries with high security. We are in the situation to protect our place from the intruders because of security reason. Nowadays access control system with the latest technology is preferred for ultimate security. Managing the access is easy as never before, we can just swipe the card at the entrance or use our physical identities to access the protected area. Critical information such as database and network can be protected with the help of access control device. Wipaq offers various access control machines like Card(RFID, Proximity, and Mifare), Fingerprint and Face Recognition at best price in Dubai.

Card Access Control System

Wherever you need controlled access without relying on the doorkeepers, you may use swipe card readers and magnetic locks to your office entrances. Magnetic stripe reader is known as the best readers because of the excellent features. Wipaq offers all types of swipe card reader installation and supports in Dubai and all over UAE. Swipe card system and application are preferred all over the world because of tremendously increasing security threats.

Access control system uses ID cards, which recognize the intruders by matching the valid portrait cards. Here in this system, we need clear printing and portrait id cards. However, creating fake cards are made easy using PC and scanner technology.

The anti-counterfeiting system is required for simple card access control systems to provide the highest security features to avoid fake access card. This type of access control system in Dubai is highly expensive and too many facilities are required to reach the security level.

How Biometric Access Control System Works

For the purpose of ultimate security, biometric technology such as fingerprint, retinal scan and face recognition is always preferred to identify the authorized person who is seeking access. This system works by storing the encoded biometric on a smart card containing a chip with built-in memory and encryption processor.

When the card is shown to the reader, it checks for the valid code present on the card as a first step and then fingerprints scan is required to check the fingerprint stored on the card as a final step before opening the door. The cards can be used as a biometric card or like proximity card. These cards are easy to get printed and encoded in one operation for the high-level security.

Our Products

Time Attendance System


Wipaq offers a huge collection of Biometric Time attendance solutions in Dubai, UAE. Biometric Time Attendance system benefits shops, companies, hospitals, hotels and industries to manage their labour force professionally with correct datas' and reports.

  • Fingerprint & Card Readers
  • Time Attendance Kits
  • Attendance Cards
  • Controllers

Access Control System


Wipaq is the leading distributor and dealer of all access control systems such as biometric, RFID card based, turnstile access control in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Middle East. Wipaq offers complete access control package suitable for government organizations, banks, insurance, schools, colleges, etc.

  • Readers & Keypads
  • Access Control Kits
  • Cards & Tokens
  • Controllers

ID Card Printer


Buy ID Card Printer from Wipaq Dubai. We sell Polaroid, Fargo and Zebra ID Card System at lowest price. Wipaq has the complete ID Card System you need for your office, schools, colleges and institutes with complete setup and support in Dubai and all over UAE.

  • ID Card Printers
  • Printer Consumables
  • Cards & Card Holders
  • Lanyards

Turnstile Gates


Wipaq is involved in bringing forth the clients a whole range of Turnstile Access System which includes Full Height Turnstile, Waist High Turnstile, Crowd Control Gates, Handicap Accessible Security Gates, Optical Turnstiles and High-Security Gates in the Middle East.

  • Barriers
  • Turnstiles

Solutions Portfolio

Wipaq has the widest range of visual identification, secure identification solutions and security systems thet can be integrated to assure you a security program that will help you manage, share and protect your business information, a solution that is just right for today and for the future.

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