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Almost technology drives our lives, an important factor that plays a major role in our daily activities is security. Wipaq takes care of that security with the simplest way of keeping your doors closed, unless access has been approved by you to have them opened.

Wipaq has a range of products available in the section of access control systems in Dubai. We take care of orders starting from installation to customization for new features. Wipaq products are a one-stop destination for all your security needs, whether you are looking for Fingerprint Time Attendance, RFID and access control for 2 and 4 way doors with access control panel or Mifare to Proximity card reader.

Wipaq customized solutions for time attendance system and access control system in Dubai has helped its customers to solve the security challenges effectively without any issues. Access control and time attendance systems in Dubai are the main solutions offered by Wipaq.

What is Access Control?
Access control system such as RFID card, fingerprint, retinal scan and face recognition is used to identify the authorized person who is seeking access. This system works by storing the encoded information on a smart card or device containing a chip with built-in memory and encryption processor.

Wipaq offers you state-of-the-art access control system & software that integrate the latest security technologies with networking abilities to give you perfect security solutions with all features.

Looking for door access control systems in Dubai? Your search ends here! Book your "onsite demo" right now! Our sales staff will be at your beck and call to provide you with all information you require.

Safety issues have weighed down many an organization due to the way it can affect the productivity of the firm and a whole chunk of money is being spent on safety and security issues that will ensure the data available there is kept confidential. Robbing of a firm’s data from its database is becoming a common problem everywhere due to the fact that data and information are the most expensive item in the market these days. Apart from employing security personnel, the installation of a digital safety measures will enhance the safety level and protect the financial data of the customers. As these measures are made strong, there are perpetrators who have the code breaker in order to rob the data of the organization. This needs to be strengthened in more ways than one.

Biometric Access Control System that has been found to be most effective in data security. This will help in keeping the loyalty of your customers and also to keep productivity where it should be. This is a preventive measure to be prudent even before anything bad happens. The installation of the biometric access control system is a two-way method of safeguarding databases and to keep away perpetrators who make an unauthorized entry.

The system works on the principle of gathering the biometric data of every person who is an employee or who is a customer of the firm. Not only is the digital data is protected but also the tangible articles are also kept safe. By collecting and saving the data such as fingerprints, identification marks such as iris, the voice, and hand geometry, one can verify the coded data so that the right person can gain entry and the unauthorized persons are kept away. The right data will allow the person and any difference in the stored data which does not match with the database. The system makes surveillance easy and efficient and helps in the control of losses due to data theft. It is brought out by the Wipaq brand and has been made as innovative as possible.

The biometric access control system is a digital way of protection and is becoming a very well sought after tool especially in Dubai where more than a thousand firms have included it in their safety measures. The reason for this is that it can be customized according to the requirements of the client since each firm and each premise is unique. Suitability is what scores in many ways more than the other products available in the market.

With awesome features, it has proved to be a very innovative access control system which restricts the door from opening to the unauthorized personnel. This makes possible entry only for those whose data matches with the biometric data stored in the digital database. Since it is reasonably priced, many firms have found it affordable to install it. The accuracy of the system is something to wager on and is a sure shot way to improve the good impression of the clients and other stakeholders.

The biometric access control system is easy to install and when any employee retires, the data is deleted and entry is blocked and also when someone has changed their looks to gain illegal entry. This can control cost not just by reducing human presence but also can save a significant amount of financial resources.

Biometric Access Control System

Enhance your security using the Biometric Device. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

Web-based Access Control Device

Control the access to your premises using the Web-based access system. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

IP based Access Management

Use the IP address to secure your premises using IP based access management system. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

Elevator Access Control Machine

Control the access to your Elevator using the Elevator access control system. Choose the device from the list given below

EC 10 Access System


Wipaq offers a full range of readers such as proximity, RFID, keypad, barcode and magnetic stripe. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C SCR 100 WI-200 WI-100
F18 Access System F19 Access T4C Access


Make use of the password to control the access to your perimeter. Choose the device from the list given below.

5399 Keypad WI-100 F18 Access System F19 Access T4C Access

Managed Controllers

Get all the benefits of a control panel/hardware management system without any responsibility and maintenance cost. Choose the controller from the list given below.

C3-100 C3-200 C3-400
InBio-160 One Door Controller InBio-260 Two Door Controller InBio-460 Four Door Controller

Time Attendance System Supplier in Dubai

Wipaq is the supplier of wide range of Time attendance system in the Middle East and UAE. We provide all types of Time attendance machine from leading manufacturer at market price. Various models are available for corporates, schools, colleges and public agencies across the Middle East. Find the perfect attendance system like card attendance machine, handpunch, biometric fingerprint and face recognition that matches your company requirements. Get the best installation service from our trained technicians who can configure the device using the time attendance software.

What is Time Attendance System?

Time attendance is a device which is used to manage or monitor the attendance and time worked by employees.

Why Time Attendance?

Time attendance machine helps the company in two ways