How Access Control System Works?

What is Access Control System?

Access control system is a device used to prevent any sort of unauthorized access to the premises or buildings.

Discover the process behind the simple door access control system:

The point of time in which a special credential is given to a reader, the reader acts towards providing the information related to the credential.  And in maximum cases in the form of a number to control panel. A control panel is a very reliable processor which goes for comparing of the credential with a list of access control.  Either it gives permission or denies permission and send a log for the transaction in the database. In case of access denied the door remains locked. The reader indicates with green LED in case of access granted and with red LED in case of access denied.

This is a transaction of a single factor. Take an example when Rex is having the permission for entering server room, but his friend Ken is not having it. Rex has the option with him to make opportunity for Ken to enter the server room. He can share his credentials to let Ken enter the room. To prevent such activity application of two-factor authentication can be done. In this case, there will be need of first credential plus another factor to get access.  In this case, a PIN can be another credential or biometric input.

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