How to Install the WI200 Access Control System?

wi-200-access-control-systemWI200 is a standalone access control system which is used to restrict the access to the users who are not authorized to enter the specific area or place. The WI200 comes with three options like the fingerprint, card and password to access the device. You can make use of all the options which is available or anyone to grant access to the users. They are more secure than the old technology.

This article try to show how to install the WI200 access control system


First, we will see the requirements for installing the WI200

  1. Magnetic Lock
  2. Push Button
  3. Glass Break
  4. 12V DC Supply
  5. CAT 6 Cable
  6. Network Connection

Make sure you are ready with the above-shown things before you go for the installation.

Installation Process

Step 1
Take the magnetic lock and fix it on the door where you want to control the access. The magnetic lock will be connected with the access control device which is used to control the door access.

Step 2
Fix the Push Button near the door where the lock is fixed. The push button is normally used to open the door from inside when the user wants to exit the room or place.

Step 3

Fix the Glass Break above or beside the push button. The purpose of Glass Break is to release the door automatically when there is an emergency.

Step 4

Normally WI200 access control device have various ports to connect all the fixed items using the CAT 6 cable. Connect the magnetic lock, push button and glass break to WI200 device and switch on the device to start the access.

Step 5

Start enrolling the user details into the device in the form of Fingerprint, Card or Password with the help of user management option. User management can be used to enroll and delete the users’ record according to the present situation of the company.

Step 6

Connect the device to the network using the PoE cable to access the device through the network. It has a USB port to download the user’s data which is present in the device for verification purpose.

Now your access control system is ready to grant or restrict the access to the users. These WI200 readers are more flexible to multipurpose use. Many organizations use this device because of its multipurpose and standalone features.

Note: WI200 readers have built-in controllers and external controllers are not required.

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