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Access control is simple way to increase security and efficiency in any organization. Today’s access control security system technology offers tremendous benefits to organizations of every size and scope. You can save money and improve security by automatically managing access at entrances with the swipe or scan of an access control card. You can also safeguard critical information stored in your networks and databases. Wipaq offers security control systems in DUBAI, UAE and the Middle East

Wipaq offers Card identity technology extends the benefits of access control security systems to organizations of every size. Whether you manage a few or dozens of doors and restricted areas, you’ll find it easy and affordable to integrate your photo ID, access control, time and attendance and other functions into a single card. Wipaq is a solution provider for automatic ID verification in Dubai.

Smart card security solutions offer dramatic advancements in card security and functionality. Smart cards are small and tamper-resistant. They hold, transmit and encrypt massive amounts of data. And they fit neatly within the surface of a digital ID card. Wipaq offers smart card based solutions and provides support for all its installation in Dubai. In an age with increasing security threats and data-transmission privacy requirements, smart card hardware, software, systems and solutions are fast emerging as the preferred technologies and applications around the world. The International Card Marketing Association states that the smart card market is growing at an annual rate of 28%.

The simplest access control systems use portrait ID or Membership cards, which rely on a receptionist or colleagues at work to recognize interlopers by the absence of a valid, matching portrait card. Such systems require the printing of clear, easily visible, portrait cards. Unfortunately however, that alone is not enough, because with current PC and scanner technology, creating fake or counterfeit cards is all too easy for the bad guys.

Even simple door entry control systems need to use an anti-counterfeiting system which provides an overall security “watermark” feature which is proof against all attempts to copy it.

This type of access control is extremely cost-effective, and it may be all that many facilities need to achieve the security level they require.

For the very highest level of security it is possible to use a “biometric”, or body measurement, such as a fingerprint or retinal scan to reliably identify authorized persons seeking access. The most practical way to implement a system like this is to store the encoded biometric (e.g. fingerprint) on a smartcard containing a micro chip which has a built-in memory and encryption processor.

When the card is used, the reader checks to see if the code on the card is valid, then waits for a live fingerprint scan which matches the fingerprint stored on the card, before opening the door. The cards used in a biometric access control system can either be of the ‘contact’ type which requires the direct insertion of the card into a reader, or of the “Contactless” type which operate in a similar way to a prox card, but which usually use a higher frequency around 13.5 MHz. Any of these smart cards can be directly printed and encoded in one operation for the highest level of security protection.

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