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Card Solutions


How to Choose Identification Cards Printer

Try to answer the questions below to arrive at the right printing solution you require. Our Sales team asks our customers these questions to suggest a right solution.

●Access Control Card ID ●Time & Attendance ●Employee Identification Cards ID ●Visitor Management ●Loyalty ●Other

●PVC Plastic Card ●Proximity Card ID ●Smart Cards ID ●Adhesive Card ●Composite Card

●Black ●Gold ●Silver ●White ●Full Colour

●Single Side 1 colour (Mono) ●Single Side Full Colour ●2 Sides, 1 colour (Mono) ●2 Sides, Full Colour ●2 Sides, 1 Side Mono & other side Full Colour

• Full Colour Edge to Edge • Metallic Card (Gold/Silver etc.)

• Photograph • Signature • Barcodes • Magnetic Stripe • Signature Strip • Hologram (Generic) • Custom Hologram • Holographic Sticker • UV Printing • Micro Text • Grey on Grey • Embossing • Tipping (Colour)

• 1-50 • 1-200 • 1-500 • >500

• Identification Cards ID • Time Attendance/Access Control Card • Health Card ID • Driving License Card • Bank Cards ID • Calling Cards, Telephone Cards, Scratch Cards

Wipaq Trading LLC in Abu Dhabi offers ID solutions for a wide range of industries. Here is a selection of the sectors in which we are active:

Membership cards ID, loyalty schemes, access control systems, cashless vending.
Conferences & events
Delegate & visitor registration, direct mail, ticket & pass printing, visitor control, post-event reporting.
Construction & manufacturing
Time & attendance, identification card, shop floor data collection, access control cards ID and systems, asset tagging.
Card ID, access control systems, cashless vending, workstation log-on.
Biometric verification, identification card.
Biometric verification, access control identification card.
Health Card identification.
Membership cards ID and systems, asset tagging.
Local government
Access control Card ID, identification, workstation log-on.
Warrant cards, access control.
Visitor control identification, workstation log-on.
Asset tagging, loyalty.
Staff & contractor identification, time & attendance, toll roads, ticketing, security stationary. Staff & contractor identification, time & attendance, toll roads, ticketing, security stationary.


Using the conventional method you use a photograph and laminate the paper card. By eliminating film, laminating, cutting and related labor costs you save time and money! What happens when there is a requirement of a replacement card? Since the image and text is already stored on the computer the only task that is left is print another card using an ID CARD PRINTER. There is no requirement to take another picture and re-enter the information all over again. Or, if your ID card need reprinting with modification like a new expiry date or other information, just change the ID card layout on your computer and print out a whole new set of ID cards with the click of a mouse.
How it Works
ID card printing systems - Components. Like a normal ID printer using heat to print (Laser), an ID Card printer uses heat to imprint color to the card. A printer could also perform other processes at the same time of printing on the card. It may encode a magnetic stripe card, a proximity card, or the chip on a smart card. The ID card printing software typically manages card encoding as well as managing the data that will be printed or encoded on each card.
For many organizations, it is critical to have ID card systems to issue ID cards on demand. One cannot afford to be without an ID card brinter. An organization couldn’t just afford to rely on the brinter quality itself; it also needs to look at the brand and the reliability of the Manufacturer of these printers as well.
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