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Full Height Turnstiles - HT80 Aluminum

HT80 Aluminum - Full Height Turnstiles

Dealer of HT80 Turnstile

Wipaq offers you the latest in the turnstile models as can be seen with the HT80 that is made of an aluminum casing and is coated to be weather resistant which can be installed even outside a building.

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Appearance and Construction
The HT 80 Revolving Door Turnstile has been designed with smooth, modern lines to blend with a variety of building architecture. The HT 80 Series is a three vane full height turnstile with a weather resistant finish and is ideal for interior or exterior placement wherever style and durability are needed. It is crafted of 6005-T6 Aluminum Extrusion and features GE's transparent Lexan® polycarbonate cage panels.

Standard Features:

    * Materials and finishes available in your choice of: Clear, Dark Bronze or Black Anodize
    * Uses transparent polycarbonate cage panels and arms for a modern un-caged appearance and feel
    * Performance features include automatic indent Feather –Touch action that includes shock suppressor technology and a non-entrapment design
    * Designed for secure operation with aesthetics in mind
    * Features minimal exposed hardware and meets ASTM standards
    * Self centering control head with adjustable hydraulic shock suppression
    * Hardened tool steel locking bars, cam & roller assemblies
    * Permanently lubricated bearings
    * Available in clockwise, counter- clockwise or bi-directional passage

Dimensions: HT 80S (Single)

    * Exterior Height: 89.5”
    * Width: 65.68”
    * Pedestrian Clearance: 30”

Dimensions: HT 80T (Twin)

    * Exterior Height: 89.5”
    * Width: 96.18”
    * Pedestrian Clearance: 27”


1) Electronic Operation:

    Electronic locking module featuring heavy duty 24 VDC solenoids and card reader or any other security and access systems interface

2) Fail Safe or Fail Lock Operation:

    Available as Fail-Safe (free passage on power failure) or Fail-Lock (locked passage on power failure)

3) Easy Access systems Interface:

    Turnstile can interface with various security and access systems, card readers, computer attendance systems, coin or token acceptors, push buttons, wireless remote controls and metal detectors

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