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GW 1000 - GW1000-R Glass Wing Optical Turnstile

GW1000-R Glass Wing Optical Turnstile - GW 1000

Dealer of GW1000-R Optical Turnstile

Wipaq offers the GW1000-R glass wing optical turnstile which forms an easy barrier to entry by mischievous people. The optical capability lets only those who have the right papers on them. This can be converted into a free zone by just an off button making it easy to pass through. Made of high-quality material, it adds aesthetic value to an area.

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Standard Features:

    * Designed for secure operation with aesthetics in mind
    * Material and finish are 304 Stainless Steel Slim Body Style
    * Transparent turnstile barrier wings available in either Lexan™ or Tempered Glass panels based on your requirements
    * Designer Tops are manufactured from a wide variety of Solid Surface colors or Wood to match customer interior design needs
    * “Ultra Quiet” retractable barriers using proprietary silent technology
    * One Second open/close time on Barrier Wing
    * Advanced optical sensors prevent “tailgating” and crawling by those without proper credentials
    * Barrier lanes can become turnstile with barrier free lanes with the simple turn of a key
    * Optical sensors provide passage for up to 30 people per minute
    * Visual and Audible Acknowledgement: lighting (green/yellow/red) to acknowledge status (open or closed) of passageway and audio signal for valid identification and audio alarm for unauthorized entry
    * Out of Service key switch
    * Distinctive tones with adjustable volume for valid identification and alarm conditions
    * Fail Safe Operation- turnstile Barriers will open upon loss of power
    * Barrier Closing Safety-Sensors will prevent closing on persons or objects in the optical lane
    * Select the Barrier Wing mode: Always open then close upon invalid read or always closed then open upon valid read
    * Integration with remote alarms, doors, etc.


    * Height: 39-1/2"
    * Length: 49-1/2"
    * Width: 12-7/8"
    * Lane Width/Pedestrian Passage: 26" (can be reduced)-Also available as a Handicap Access Unit (ADA)
    * Barrier Glass Wing: ½" Thick X 11-34" Long
    * Open/Close Time: 1 second


1) Single or Multiple Lane Configurations

2) Logos can be etched into turnstile barrier wing glass for a truly personal look

3) Console device to remotely monitor and control lane usage

4) Interface to building access control, Fire/Life Safety, security, CCTV and monitoring devices

5) Adjustable Entry Reset Time-allows the adjustment of the time interval between unauthorized entry attempts

6) Glass wing tamper alarm-unauthorized entry attempts by tampering with glass wing sets off an alarm for a predetermined amount of time (alarm time is adjustable)

7) Available as a Handicap Access Unit (ADA)-Model numbers GW1000-R-ADA and GW1000-T-ADA

8) Solid Surface Lids in many color options (option for wood lid available)



Appearance and Construction
The GW1000 Turnstile barrier has been designed with smooth, modern lines to blend with a variety of building architecture. This barrier optical turnstile is designed for interior applications and features 304 stainless steel construction with a #4 brushed satin finish. A rounded end (GW1000-R) or a trapezoid shaped end (GW1000-T) is available. The lids can be crafted from either solid surface material or wood. This turnstile is perfect for applications requiring security as well as aesthetic appeal.
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