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Handicap ADA Gates - HT-CAT ADA

HT-CAT ADA - Handicap ADA Gates

Supplier of Electric Swing Gates

Wipaq offers the security gate models that are very user friendly and easy to operate such as the HT-CAT ADA model and is the perfect solution for security installations in public areas. It is swing gate where the handicapped individuals too can pass through with much ease and without much effort.

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Appearance and Construction
The HT-CAT ADA Swing Gate body has been designed with sleek, modern looks to fit today's world. The main body is constructed from brushed stainless steel (AISI #304). The top cover consists of a stainless steel plate finished with high impact injection molded plastic (black, red and green available) offering strength, rounded corners and an attractive appearance.

HT-CAT ADA Standard Features:
# Two optical sensors identify the direction of passage and control the locking mechanism

# Locking mechanism is controlled by electromagnets giving greater reliability and longer service life

# Cabinet made of brushed stainless steel (AISI #304)

# “Paper clip” style arm of polished stainless steel tube mounted on a vertical shaft giving 180 degree movement for passage in both entry and exit directions

# Bi-directional system has the capability of locking and releasing the turnstile in 4 ways: (1) free entry and exit (2) locked entry and exit (3) free entry / locked exit (4) free exit / locked entryTrunstile Based, UAE

# The top cover consists of a stainless steel plate finished with high impact injection molded plastic offering strength, rounded corners and an attractive appearance

# The HT-CAT ADA comes with a U-shaped mounting drawer on the front of the cabinet that can be easily removed or replaced by means of a key lock thereby avoiding any visible hardware

 #The HT-CAT ADA is configured with lighted pictograms on front of cabinet to inform pedestrians of access granted (green LED) or access denied (red LED)

# Industrial bearing mounts for smooth and sturdy movement of the arm

# In case of emergency or power failure, the turnstile will move freely in both directions (fail safe)

 # Easily adapted and integrated to any reader technology. The HT-CAT ADA allows for easy installation of barcode, proximity card or Smart Card readers on the turnstile upper surface or side cover

 # assembled controller board (interface between the turnstile and electronic control) with configurable electromagnetic protection system offering 4 inputs and 2 outputs. This allows for 4 turnstile configurations: (1) free entry/locked exit (2) free exit/locked entry (3) free in both directions (4) locked in both directions. In addition, the control board can be configured for time out of the electronic lock as well as returning a signal to inform passage of a patron

# Step down power supply accepts inputs of 90-250 VAC stepped down to a safe output of 12 VDC

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