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Handicap Accessible Security Gates - SG100

SG100 - Handicap Accessible Security Gates

Supplier of SG100 Security Gates

Wipaq provides the most wanted equipment for every public place where a large number of people gather in the form of security gate sg100 which is a swing mechanism and can be opened with the electromagnetic ID and password. Easy to work with, is user friendly even by the handicapped individuals.

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Appearance and Construction
The SG-100 Self Closing Gate or automatic door access gates is constructed from 2" OD satin finished type 304 stainless steel tubing. The hinge post is welded to a 1/4" thick 6" diameter floor mounting plate. The SG-100 comes standard with gravity closing hinges ensuring a gentle return of the automatic gate. The standard clear opening is 36" or 40” making these door access automatic gates compliant with ADA clear passage regulations. Or you can customize any clear passage opening up to 40” at no extra charge.

Standare Features:

    * Designed for secure operation with aesthetics in mind
    * 2” Round Satin Finish Stainless Steel tube construction
    * Meets ASTM standards
    * Heavy duty, cam operated self closing hinges with replaceable nylon cams
    * Posts are welded to a strong ¼” thick 6” diameter floor mounting plate
    * Decorative brushed Stainless Steel floor flanges to cover mounting plates and hardware
    * Standard clear passage openings of 36” and 40” (ADA Compliant)
    * Clear passage opening is totally customizable. Any opening up to 40” can be accomplished at no extra charge
    * 180 degree swing or 90 degree swing (with striker plate and stop post)
    * Suitable for use in retail stores, schools, cafeterias, amusement parks, airports door access and other applications
    * Can be installed as stand-alone gates or used in conjunction with post and rail systems or turnstiles


   1. Stop Post:
      Available with a stop post which can be used as a guide for patrons or for
      stopping gate from going in the opposite direction when a striker plate is added
      (90 degree single direction opening only).

   2. Electronic Operation:
      Available with a powerful 600 lb electromagnetic lock powered by 12/24VDC allowing for the use of a card reader or other types of ID devices (90 degree single direction opening only).

   3. Clear acrylic panel insert:  
      A Clear acrylic panel can be inserted into automatic gate door opening.
      Wheelchair decal or custom graphics available.

   4. Post connectors can be added to either the hinge or stop posts to incorporate railing with the gate installation:
      See our AdaptaRail stainless steel Post and Rail System

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