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ID Card Printer Dubai, Supplier of Zebra, Fargo, Valid ID Card Printers in Abu Dhabi, UAE

ID Card Printer

Wipaq offers you top-class ID card printers at best price with good quality and reliability. You can find all branded models of ID card printer such as Valid, Fargo and Zebra at an affordable price at Wipaq for your identity card requirements in all over the Middle East and Africa. As a leading ID card printer suppliers in Dubai, we intend to offer high-standard printers to various places like offices, schools, colleges, etc.

ID Card Printing Machines

ID Card Printing Machines are offered from the leading brand across the world in order to maintain the quality and design in producing identity cards for varies applications.

Look for these 5 features before buying an ID Card Printer

Single or Dual-Sided Printer - Normally single-sided id card printers come with single-sided printing and dual-sided manual printing which needs more time for production but the dual-sided printer can save lots of time by replacing the manual option with automated printing on both sides.

Printing Method - Most of the printers come with the Direct-to-card method as they are reliable and cost-effective but retransfer method is chosen over Direct-to-card as it has lots of benefits like increased durability, consistency, high volume and long-life, print over the edge of the card and More security options.

Connection Type - All printers come with Bi-directional USB for better compatibility but Ethernet connection is preferred for multiple access to the printer.

Volume Requirement - If you are in need of printing the high volume of cards then you can go with automated Id card printer to save time while printing.

Lamination & Security - Laminate your ID cards with the magnetic stripe and smart code encoding for physical durability and security.

Our Products

Valid Printer

valid printer

Valid ID card printers and encoders are the perfect solution for small business, colleges, hospitals etc. Valid is supplying maintenance free, fast and efficient ID card printing machines with plug and play functionality. Valid printers are available with single and dual sided with Ethernet connectivity. Valid printers are coming with following features.

  • Superior color quality
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Durability
  • Fast and efficient

Fargo Printer

Fargo Printer

Quality and reliability are the significant features of Fargo ID card printing machine. Fargo Card Printer deliver edge to edge printing with superior image quality. Wipaq Trading LLC is the well-known dealer of Fargo card printers and Omnikey encoders in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates.

  • Everything looks better with High Definition Printing
  • High-quality images without the high price tag
  • Rely on it for more than good looks
  • Improvements you will see in every card
  • Right printer for every application with added dual-sided durability, security and fast printing

Zebra Printer

Zebra Printer

zebra card printer zxp series is coming with superior color quality and excellent image resolution. Zebra printer is the ideal solution for schools, government organizations, etc. Following are the main features of Zebra card printers.

  • Superior image quality
  • High performance for card printers
  • Cost effective Edge to edge printing
  • Affordable cost

Javelin Printer

Javelin Printer

Javelin card printers are the reliable and low-cost printers. The javelin printers are compact, easy to use and offers good performance. These printers are suitable for banking, employee id card making, and attendance solutions. Javelin printers can provide the exact solutions with magnetic swipe encoder, smart card encoders, etc.

  • User-friendly USB plug-and-play setup
  • LCD screen displays printer status and diagnostics
  • Easy to change ribbon and thermal print head
  • RFID ribbon protection
  • Basic ID card software package included with each printer

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