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Ensure optimum protection with biometrics access control systems for your premises at Dubai. Wipaq Trading offers biometric access control system, time attendance, turnstile, id card printers at Dubai, UAE.
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ID Card Printer in Dubai, Supplier of Zebra, Fargo ID Card Printer in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Plastic ID Card Printers in Dubai

Wipaq Trading LLC in Dubai offers ID solutions for a wide range of industries. Here is a selection of the sectors in which we are active.
Membership cards ID, loyalty schemes, access control systems, cashless vending.
Conferences & events
Delegate & visitor registration, direct mail, ticket & pass printing, visitor control, post-event reporting.
Construction & manufacturing
Time & attendance, identification card, shop floor data collection, access control cards ID and systems, asset tagging.
Card ID, access control systems, cashless vending, workstation log-on.
Biometric verification, identification card.
Biometric verification, access control identification card.
Health Card identification.
Membership cards ID and systems, asset tagging.
Local government
Access control Card ID, identification, workstation log-on.
Warrant cards, access control.
Visitor control identification, workstation log-on.
Asset tagging, loyalty.
Staff & contractor identification, time & attendance, toll roads, ticketing, security stationary. Staff & contractor identification, time & attendance, toll roads, ticketing, security stationary.
We are the recognized name in supplying plastic PVC cards, embossers, ID card making machines, printer heads, ribbons, etc. Identity card printers are offered by WIPAQ Trading Dubai with the capability to create customized cards on interest, comfortable purpose of issuance. In order to issue cards, users can capture an image from digital cameras and web cameras.

Why use an ID Card Printer?

Using the conventional method you use a photograph and laminate the paper card. By eliminating film, laminating, cutting and related labor costs you save time and money! What happens when there is a requirement of a replacement card? Since the image and text is already stored on the computer the only task that is left is print another card using an ID CARD PRINTER. There is no requirement to take another picture and re-enter the information all over again. Or, if your ID card need reprinting with modification like a new expiry date or other information, just change the ID card layout on your computer and print out a whole new set of ID cards with the click of a mouse

How it Works?

ID card printing systems - Components. Like a normal ID printer using heat to print (Laser), an ID Card printer uses heat to imprint color to the card. A printer could also perform other processes at the same time of printing on the card. It may encode a magnetic stripe card, a proximity card, or the chip on a smart card. The ID card printing software typically manages card encoding as well as managing the data that will be printed or encoded on each card.

For many organizations, it is critical to have ID card systems to issue ID cards on demand. One cannot afford to be without an ID card brinter. An organization couldn’t just afford to rely on the brinter quality itself; it also needs to look at the brand and the reliability of the Manufacturer of these printers as well.

We are selling ID card printers that can print cards within few seconds and the plastic ID card is generated and personalized instantly using the Javelin, Zebra card printer or Fargo ID Card printing machine. We are offering ID making, designing software which is having the user-friendly interface for designing and print cards. The information for printing cards could be either entered manually or retrieved from an existing database using ODBC connectivity. Our card printing software is coming with the live linking feature with all databases like excel, SQL server, oracle etc.

In order to print a high-resolution image without losing quality, we are supplying retransfer printers that can print cards faster than previous retransfer printers. Retransfer printing technology ensures higher image quality and edge to edge printing.

Advantages of Retransfer Printing Technology

Retransfer technology is the optimal on-demand printing solution for meeting the stringent image quality and encoding standards that advanced card applications require.

  • Higher image quality
  • Edge-to-edge printing
  • Producing durable cards
  • Fraud protection

Polaroid ID Card Printer

Polaroid ID Card Machine

Polaroid card printers and encoders are the perfect solution for small business, colleges, hospitals etc. Polaroid is supplying maintenance free, fast and efficient ID card printing machines with plug and play functionality. Polaroid printers are available with single and dual sided with Ethernet connectivity. Polaroid ID card printers are coming with following features.

  • Superior color quality
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Durability
  • Fast and efficient

Fargo Plastic ID Card Printers


Quality and reliability are the significant features of Fargo ID card printers. Fargo card making machines deliver edge to edge printing with superior image quality. WIPAQ Trading LLC is the well-known dealer of Fargo card printers and Omnikey encoders in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates.

The different models in Fargo ID card printing machine incorporates HDP5000, DTC550, HDP600, DTC525, DTC500, DTC400, Persona C30 and HDP600. We offer the complete range from Fargo including accessories like YMCKO ribbons, YMCKOK ribbons, polyguard overlaminate rolls, Holomark seals, HDP film, HDP holographic film, printer head, black monochrome ribbons and Cleaning Kit.

Zebra Plastic ID Card Printer


Zebra ID card printers are coming with superior color quality and excellent image resolution. Zebra printer is the ideal solution for schools, government organizations, etc. Following are the main features of Zebra ID card printers.

  • Superior image quality
  • High performance for card printers
  • Cost effective printing
  • Affordable cost for ID card printers
  • Edge to edge printing

Javelin Plastic ID Card Printer


Javelin card printers are the reliable and low-cost printers. The javelin printers are compact, easy to use and offering good performance. These printers are suitable for banking, employee id card making, and attendance solutions. Javelin ID card printers can provide the exact solutions with magnetic swipe encoder, smart card encoders, etc.

Benefits of a Complete ID Card System

Are you interested to make use of a reliable ID card system? Do you know the benefits of using this effective program? If you are looking for these details, then you are in the right place. Buying a complete ID card system is a tough task as there are number of companies available in the market.

Wipaq is one of the recognized companies that are specialized in offering digital car printers in Dubai. The complete ID system offered by the company consists of an ID card printer, ID card software, a photo ID camera, blank ID cards and printing supplies. All these components are manufactured using high quality materials and advanced technology. You can make use of this efficient ID card system and experience great support for your business. With just a single click, your ID cards will be made ready at an ease.

Our company offers identification card products and security solutions for all clients across the world. Whether you need a basic photo ID cards or business multifunctional cards, Wipaq is the best partner to assist you.

Products Highlight

After printing the badges, you will be eager to display your work. In order to help the clients, Wipaq offers a wide range of ID accessory packs to display their ID cards in a secured manner. All the ID accessory packs will include stray clips, slot punch and breakaway lanyards.

The ID accessory packs offered by Wipaq are available in two different sizes such as 100 packs and 500 packs. You can choose the one suiting to your requirement and budget. If you have a large organization, then it is advisable to take 500 packs. They are also available in different colours in which you can select with your style of business.

Anyone can make use of these accessory packs. Once the ID cards are printed, you have to simply push a hole in each card using the slot punch and run a strap clip through the hole. Connect with the lanyard and the process is over. ID Accessory Packs offers an effective solution for ID programs that require badges.
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