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Javelin JX™ Card Printers - JX Range

JX Range - Javelin JX™ Card Printers

Supplier of JX Range ID Card Printer

Wipaq offers Javelin JX ID badge printers with one year warranty in Dubai, UAE. JX printers can work in any environment where ID Card is required. Maximum performance and security are delivered by JX badge printers. Javelin JX ID badge printers are highly known for monochrome printing applications


  • Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux
  • Connects to PC, Mainframe, AS400
  • Web based screens & menu system
  • User configurable
  • Upload / download to store and save Layouts, 
  • Fonts and Graphics
  • Built-in HTML interface
  • LCD prompt to user to insert different card types
  • Serial connectivity
  • 3-track Magnetic Encoding: ISO, JIS & custom 
  • formats (including Bally’s, Vingcard & most other hotel lock systems)
  • Automatic Format and Card Password protected security at 3 levels: 

             - user - maintenance - administrator

  • Remote diagnostics
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