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Time Sheet Software, Job Costing System

Job Costing System

Time Sheet / Job Costing Software Overview

Our job costing software provides customers with a powerful configurable interface that can be quickly integrated with their existing business systems. We can integrate our time sheet / work tracking software with existing commercial business and accounting systems and we can even integrate with non-standard card systems that have been developed internally. Our work tracking and costing system can be integrated with absenteeism tracking software systems such as time clocks, Fingerprint, card systems or Hand Punch systems

What is Present Time Attendance System or Time Sheet / Job Costing System

The Proposed Time Sheet and Work Tracking
The purpose of developing attendance management system is to computerized the traditional way of taking attendance. 

How the system works?

We can configure the Time clock Attendance Machines such as Fingerprint, card based systems or Hand Punch systems to accept the IN and OUT punches along with the job / project number using different function keys. The time clock machine will be connected to the software and provides the reports in time sheet format. The same system can provide the Attendance Reports as well based on the customer requirements.

Job Costing Software Benefits

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