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Re-Transfer Printers - CX-330

CX-330 - Re-Transfer Printers

Supplier of CX-330 Retransfer Printer

Wipaq provides you CX-330 Retransfer Printer with the essential tools for all your ID card and lamination reprinting needs. It has some unique products such as the PVC based cards. Quality is kept at the highest standards when it comes to photo identification cards and the reprinting works uses such materials which give their best utility in the card printing area. Optimal use of color and material makes it a great product.

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• Dimensions (W x H x D)

Printer: 343mm x 381mm x 339mm
Laminator: 207mm x 308mm x 311mm
Turning unit: 110 mm x 254 mm x 241 mm
• Weight
Printer: 22kg
Laminator: 8kg
Turning unit: 3.2kg
• Signal Level
256 levels per color (YMC); 2 levels (K)
• Hopper Capacity of the CX330 photo identification card printer is
300 cards (0.76mm thickness)
• Stacker Capacity
100 cards (0.76mm thickness)

• Ink Ribbon

- YMCK ink ribbon set (1000 sides per set)
- YMCKK ink ribbon (750 cards per roll)
- YMCKUv ink ribbon (750 sides per roll)
- Retransfer film (1000 sides per roll)
• Lamination Film
- Clear patches (600 patches per roll)
- Holographic Overlay (1000 sides per roll)
• Options
- Magnetic Stripe Encoding (300/2750 oe)
- Contact & Contactless smart cards
- Lamination unit (single or dual-sided)
- Turning unit (for dual-sided lamination using different laminates on top and bottom of card)
• Safety Standards
UL, VCCi-B, FCC Class B, EN Class B

Features of CX330 Photo Identification card printer

• Printing on plastic Method

Dye Sublimation / Resin thermal transfer
• Resolution
300 dpi
• Printable area of cx 330 photo identification card printer
• Print Speed for printing on plastic cards is
29 seconds per card
• Lamination speed
20 seconds per side
• Interface
- USB 2.0
- Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (IPSec IPv4 security protocol)
• Driver
Windows® drivers for XP, Vista & 2000
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