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Card Based Entry System - RFID Reader

RFID Reader - Card Based Entry System


Wipaq as an RFID company in UAE provides the best RFID solutions for big and small corporates all over UAE and the Middle East. Our RFID Card Reader WIP-A is designed to meet high standards of quality, durability and reliability demanded by the customers.

What is RFID Reader?
RFID Reader is a device that reads the smart card shown to the reader to access the specific area, room or entire premises.

Why RFID Reader?
It is the most commonly used access control system as it is easy to integrate with any door to prevent the unauthorized access.

How does it work?
The RFID Card Reader transmits the signal to the highly reliable control panel whenever the card is shown to the reader. The control panel examines the card number with the accessible card list. If it matches then the door is unlocked and access is granted to the specific person or the door remains locked with the denied access and the granted or denied transaction log is saved to the database.

Here are the Benefits of RFID:-
  1. Easy Installation
  2. High Security
  3. No Need of Complicated Biometric Device
  4. User-friendly - Simple to operate & understand
  5. Easy Monitoring

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Kits: Yes

Reader Type: RFID/Proximity Card

Keypad Included: No

Electrical Specifications: Voltage: 110 ~ 240 V AC

System Requirements: Operating System: Window XP/Window Vista/Linux

Model Info:  WIP-A is an RFID reader door access control system which is used to enable the keys to be secured, controlled and monitored at all times. Only authorized users can access the keys within the cabinet by showing a card. It has an exceptional system that enables access only to those unique user’s who has the card. 

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