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Cost Effective Time Attendance System in Dubai, Abu Dhabi To Increase Your Business Productivity

Wipaq is the supplier of wide range of Time Attendance System Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and the Middle East. We provide all types of Time attendance machine from leading manufacturer at market price. Various models are available for corporates, schools, colleges and public agencies across the Middle East. Find the perfect attendance system like card attendance machine, handpunch, biometric fingerprint and face recognition that matches your company requirements. Get the best installation service from our trained technicians who can configure the device using the time attendance software.

Our attendance system benefits shops, corporates, hospitals, hotels and individual person to handle their workforce professionally with detailed data and reports. We have more than ten years of experience in offering fingerprint machine for attendance for customers in Dubai, UAE. We offer different types of time tracking systems like fingerprint time attendance machine, keypad, card biometric device, face recognition, RFID/proximity and hand punch system under one single roof.

Time Attendance System integration in a company is a help to the employers, you can observe your workforce performance and records show that it decreases time and tailgating during the working hours. Increases the productivity and professionalism in your work environment using the time clock management.

Our time management systems are highly durable and reliable which is designed specifically to improve the performance of your business with more features like manage paid time and punch in and out records. Call us or use the contact form to enquire more about our access control and attendance system software and be sure to browse our website for more product details.

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Fingerprint Time Attendance System

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What is Time Attendance System?

Time attendance is a device which is used to manage or monitor the attendance and work time of employees. Attendance system manages the paid time of the employee to calculate the overtime payment. Time Attendance System such as biometric fingerprint device, pin, swipe card biometric and hand punch are available at low price.

  • Wipaq Time Attendance is designed to be used by most average computer users, with no database and programming skills required.
  • Set as many as work groups and time shifts required by your company by using our intuitive interface. Wipaq can cater to your entire time management requirement.
  • Wipaq time attendance has a trigger alert system for monitoring people who are coming late consistently. Set your own rules for late attendance and system will alert you automatically.

Why Time Attendance?

Biometric Time Attendance System makes it easier to save time and increases the business of your company with huge impact. Each and every company needs a time attendance machine to precisely monitor the employee activities.


  • Biometric attendance system preserves time and improves business growth for an organization
  • Benefits to observe and analyze your employee working hours better
  • It assists you to handle your employee transit to the ultimately secured area.
  • It decreases the overtime payment
  • Time attendance machine calculates the exact timings of your employee
  • Easy to use because of its excellent features like error-free, time monitoring and anytime usage.

We provide a various range of time attendance systems like biometric fingerprint device, keypad, face recognition, proximity and hand punch machine under one roof. An automated Time attendance system is a benefit to the employers who can monitor their workforce effectively and generate reports to check their working hours. If the attendance program is executed in a right way then there is no doubt that it will increase the business productivity.

Here is the list of biometric time attendance system you can afford for your company in Dubai and all over the Middle East.

BioPro MH20

BioPro SA30


FR 1300

G3 External

Iclock 990

Iface 302

Iface 990






WIP-A Reader

5399 Keypad


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Biometric Attendance

Registering their own attendance is made easy by using Wipaq's Attendance Machine with the options such as GPRS, Wifi, TCP/IP and serial port. Calculating Hours based Activities, accurate overtime calculation, site monitor report, calculation of total hours worked, complete labour attendance report based on real-time clocking on the machine. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

Web-based Time Attendance

Control the attendance records of your employees using the Web-based Time Attendance System. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

IP based Attendance Management

Maintain your employees working hours using IP attendance management. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C WI-200 Series iFace Iclock

Attendance based on Readers

Wipaq offers a full range of attendance readers such as proximity, RFID, keypad and magnetic stripe to record the attendance details. Choose the device from the list given below

WIP - T4C SCR 100 WI-200 WI-100
F18 Attendance Machine F19 Device

What is Time Attendance Software?

Software to manage or monitor the time worked by employees for the purpose of efficiently processing payroll. These systems may be integrated with existing payroll processing software or Excel calculation formats. Also, these systems may track labor distribution, building security, and personnel scheduling. This employees time attendance systems usually are able to give reports of overtime/docking of non-exempt employees.

Time Attendance Software

Improve your device performance using the time attendance software. Select the software from the list given below.

Timepaq Classic

timepaq classic
Timepaq Elite

timepaq elite
Timepaq Professional

timepaq professional
Wipaq represents the state-of-the-art work in time management, combining a complete software solution that fits every pocket. Call our sales group to know more about our biometric attendance system price in dubai or Email us sales@wipaq.ae
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