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Half Height Turnstiles - HT-CAT Fit

HT-CAT Fit - Half Height Turnstiles

Supplier of HT-CAT Fit Turnstile

Wipaq offers you the right kind of tools when you are hard pressed for space, and yet you have to take safety issues seriously. With the ht cat fit model turnstile, you have found the solution for these limitations. It can be installed in any heavy traffic areas such as entertainment parks as theatres or theme parks as well as in the industrial set up. The sleek design occupies much less space and is aesthetically pleasing as well.

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HT-CAT Fit Waist High Turnstile Standard Features:

    Optical sensors and electromagnets are used to activate locks, thus preventing mechanical wear and increasing turnstile life. Rotation signals generated by high output optical sensors, completely avoiding mechanical wear

    Cabinet made of carbon steel with black electrostatic powder coating.

    Arms manufactured of polished stainless steel

    The top cover consists of a stainless steel plate finished with high impact injection molded plastic offering strength, rounded corners and an attractive appearance

    The Fit is specially designed with longer arms in a compact design. Arm length is available in 18.5” and 20.5” (optional).

    High performance mechanism for trouble free operation under heavy traffic flow

    Turnstile rotates freely in the event of an emergency or power failure

    The HT-CAT Fit waist high turnstile comes with a U-Shaped mounting drawer that can be easily removed or replaced on the rear of the top panel by a key lock. This facilitates easy mounting and maintenance of electronic components.  Because access is gained by a key lock, there are no exposed screws

     The HT-CAT Fit waist high turnstile is configured with pictograms to inform pedestrian of access granted (green arrow) or access denied (red “X”) as well as direction of passage

     Easily adapted and integrated to any reader technology. The HT-CAT Fit allows for easy installation of barcode, proximity card or Smart Card readers on the turnstile upper surface or side cover

    SMD assembled controller board (interface between the turnstile and electronic control) with configurable electromagnetic protection system offering 4 inputs and 2 outputs. This allows for 4 turnstile configurations: (1) free entry/locked exit (2) free exit/locked entry (3) free in both directions (4) locked in both directions. In addition, the control board can be configured for time out of the electronic lock as well as returning a signal to inform passage of a patron

Appearance and Construction
The HT-CAT Fit waist high turnstile body has been designed with sleek, modern looks to fit today's world. The main body is constructed from carbon steel and protected with a tough industrial-grade black powder coat finish. The top cover consists of a stainless steel plate finished with black high impact injection molded plastic offering strength, rounded corners and an attractive appearance.

Step down power supply accepts inputs of 90-250 VAC stepped down to a safe output of 12 VDC

HT-CAT Fit Options:

    Longer Arms: Longer arm length of 20.5” available

    Tamper proof admission counters:
    Internal electric bi-directional admission counters

Also available as a Handicap Access Swing Gate

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